Guided tours “Sculptures in stone, iron and bronze”

We had a nice guided tour in German on November 9th, about 30 visitors. Albèr explained his work and I talked about Vicente’s sculptures & my own.

Next guided tours:

  • 16th November, 1 pm in Dutch
  • 23rd November, 1pm in English, see info in the 1st photo.

Sign on beforehand by e-mail:

Video impression opening exhibition Sculptures in stone, iron and bronze in Alfaz del Pi 21-10-2023

A lovely sunny day in open air museum Klein-Schreuder in Alfaz del Pi. Culture alderman Manuel Casado opened our exhibition. Albèr te Brake talked about his powerful iron pieces, Vicente Pérez about his soft fluid stones and I about my bronzes in motion. I explained why I invited 2 artist friends to exhibit together. About 100 people visited the sculpture garden that day, we enjoyed drinks and tapas while a the clarinet trio of Marcus Ivorra Schuler played.
More info about guided tours etc. on this page

Sculptures in stone, iron and bronze

Exhibition in sculpture garden Klein-Schreuder by Vicente Pérez, Albèr te Brake & Monique Neyzen, three artist friends who work in different styles and materials. Saturday 21 October ’23 at 11 a.m. is the opening by Manuel Casado Puche, the alderman for culture of the municipality of l’Alfas. The artists will explain their work, there will be drinks and the opening will be graced by the clarinet trio of Marcos Ivorra Schuler with his wife Catharina and their son.

Vicente Pérez (SP) from Monforte del Cid exhibits a new series of alabaster statues on marble pedestals. His sculptures show reflections of plant structures and interpretations of the human form. The symbolic value goes beyond the literal meaning. His work is shaped by experiences that come from common sources as nature. The organic form of ‘Ornis’ (see photo, 30 cm high, dark alabaster) is typical of his work.

Albèr te Brake (NL) ) from Aïgues makes impressive iron sculptures with a clear lines. He used to work a lot with bronze and glass. But metal has always inspired him, het focuses on metal since he lives in Spain. His large sculptures are suitable for outdoor use, such as ‘Going round in circles’ three interlocking circles of about one meter high revolve around an axis on a large pedestal of ‘Rojo de Alicante’ marble.

Monique Neyzen (NL) from Finestrat makes small, dynamic bronze sculptures of dancers and horses, figurative or somewhat abstracted. Specially designed iron pedestals reinforce the movement and form an integral part of her art. The sculptures seem to jump off their pedestal, as with ‘Jump‘ (see photo, bronze about 30 cm, the statue is almost 2 meters including the iron pedestal.

The artist will regularly provide guided tours in different languages. Mail to if interested. Or check out her website or Facebook @FriendsMonique.

The beautiful sculpture garden Fundación Klein-Schreuder at Cami del Pinar 23 in Alfaz del Pi is 20,000 m2 with 2,500 plants and has a permanent sculpture collection. The garden is open on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or call Johanna on 966860230 to make an appointment.
The entrance costs 5 euros for maintenance of the garden, an unlimited annual subscription is 18 euros. The exhibition runs until 6th of January ’24. More information:

All the best for the New Year!

Dear art lovers,
Wish you all happiness, peace, health and time to enjoy life and art!

In 2022 I look back at the sad, sudden loss of a very dear friend and at a lovely succesfull exhibition.

Casa museu La Barbera in Villajoyosa is a great exhibition space. The former stables of the 17th century mansion of the Aragones family really suited my bronze sculptures and drawings of dancers. ‘Baila en la Barbera‘ attracted hundreds of visitors and I loved doing tours in different languages. Then I can explain how I work and what inspires me, and get a chance to talk with visitors. So inspirering to meet art lovers and other artists. Often got lovely reactions on my art, and sold many statues and drawings. This means making new molds and casts and delivering everything after the exhibition.

I decided to do just one exhibition a year.
Because I also need time to work on special commissions and I want to make new work of course. And together with my sculpting friend Albèrt we want to do the bronze casting ourselves, which is rather complex process.

I’ll keep you informed on this site.
All the best for the New Year!

Last 2 weeks exhibition Baila en la Barbera

Among todays visitors were three aldermen of neighboring city Alfas del Pi

Thanks for coming to my exhibition and your lovely comments!

Happy to do another exhibition in Alfas.

Impression of the opening of the exhibition Baila en la Barbera in Villajoyosa 13-1-2022

Overview of the exhibition Baila en la Barbera in Villajoyosa

Opening exhibition Baila en la Barbera

On January 13, 2022 my exhibition “Baila en La Barbera” starts in “Espai d’Art Contemporani de la Barbera dels Aragonés” in Villajoyosa. The opening is at 1:00 PM and will be accompanied by guitar music by Cristina Rico.

2 tips if you come to the opening ‘ Baila en la Barbera ‘ on 13 January at 13.00.

1. Let me know via so that I can keep track of the number of visitors due to Covid.

2. Thursday is market day in Villajoyosa. So you can’t park on the market site. Easiest is the parking Creueta near Mercidillo central 5″ walk from La Barbera. The entrance to the exhibition space is located between the museo casa La Barbera and the cafe.

The adress of the museum is C. Huit de Maig, 16, 03570 La Vila Joiosa. The parking Creueta is on Av. Joan Carles I, 25, 03570 La Vila Joiosa.


13th of January ’22 will open my next exhibition. ‘Baila en La Barbera’. I ‘ll exhibit bronze dance sculptures in ‘Espai d’Art Contemporani de la Barbera dels Aragonés’ in Villajoyosa. The former house of Villajoyosa ‘s most important family is now a museum with beautiful exhibition space.

Happy New Year!

Last day of the exhibition ‘Jan y sus amigos’

Jan 5th 2020 is the last day of the exhibition ‘Jan y sus amigos: entre es-culturas’. Jan Keysers big marble ‘Toro Viejo’ is always one of the favorite sculptures. Some visitors of last week’s guided tour next to their personal favorites, and a steel sculpture of Alber and above my bronze doggie.


Today is a guided tour at 12 am, both locations are open till late. Tomorrow Jan 6th you can still visit El Corazon from 11 am but Tentaciones is as always closed on Monday.

Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas

Impression opening ExhibitionJan y sus amigos: Entre Es-culturas in Aigües

Thanks to Daniëlle van Leeuwen, Sun and Grapes

Exhibition Jan y sus amigos, entre esculturas in Aigües

Tribute to sculptor Jan Keijsers. Exhibition Dec 6th 2019 till Jan 6th 2020 of his marble statues and sculptings of 10 friends in different styles and materials: steel, wood, ceramics, mixed media, marble, soapstone and bronce (my sculptures).


Dutch sculptor Jan Keijsers (1953-2019) had a passion for marble. “If it grabs you, it won’t let go.” This exhibition in Aigües pays homage to his work in marble, shows his sculptures and of ten artist friends. The result is an interesting exhibition with sculptures in all kinds of styles and materials such as marble, wood, ceramics, mixed media, bronze, soapstone and steel.

Fascination for marble
Jan worked mainly on local marble such as ‘Rojo de Alicante’ and ‘Crema Marfil’. “I have a very intimate workprocess with marble.” In workshops he taught others how to sculpt marble better. And Jan organized excursions to a marble quarry.

10 Friends around Jan
Jan enjoyed life and had a lot of friends, also among artists. The art of these 10 sculptor friends varies greatly in style and material.

  1. Albèr te Brake: steel
  2. Cockie Donkers: stone
  3. Dorine den Boer: ceramic
  4. Joan Erbueko: mixed media
  5. Lee Wolters: Soapstone
  6. Marguérite Lameriks: marble
  7. Monique Neyzen: bronze
  8. Lambertus Puck: ceramic
  9. Reiner Izquierdo: wood
  10. Wim van Nuenen: ceramic.

Where & when in Aigües (see map):

Opening December 6th, at noon:

  • Introduction by: Juan Ribes, ceramist and former mayor of Aigües
  • Opening ceremony: Juan David Santiago, councilor of culture, municipality of Aigües
  • Performance: guitar music and drinks.

From December 6th 2019 to January 6th 2020 exhibition in two locations:

  • Restaurant Temptations, exhibition in the garden. Plaça de L’Esglesia 23, 03569 Aigües
    from 12:00 until very late, closed on Monday
  • Restaurant El Corazón Restaurant, indoor exhibition. Calle Mayor, 03569 Aigües
    from 11:00 until very late, closed on Wednesday.

Guided tour & more information:

  • An artist will be present on Sundays 12:00
  • More information about the exhibition or guided tours on request in Spanish, Dutch or English, e-mail Monique at
  • Site about Jan & his art: and FB

Exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi

Last guided tours: join me Sat 29th June 12:00 (English) or 11:00 (Dutch).
We ll walk a long the 20 exhibition sculptures (different in style & materials) and some of the permanent collection.

Just bring your sunglasses or hat, something to drink & enjoy!

Impression opening exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi april 7, 2019

Exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi

a group exhibition predominantly with artists who have shown solo exhibitions in the garden earlier: Alejandro Cremades, Hanna Gerlind Glauner, Antonio Imbernón, Jan Keijsers, Antonio Marí, Salvador Molla, Monique Neyzen, Vicente Pérez Gonzálvez, Georgi Pouleriani and Quico Torres. For your diary: the festive inauguration with introductions by the contributing artists and with music, snacks and wine will take place on Sunday April 7 at 11 am. Everybody is welcome, the entry fee is the usual €5 p.p.









Hangin’ On


Last days of exhibition “Spirit of Dance” at l’Alfas del Pi

Impression of the opening of the exhibition “Espíritu de la Danza” in l’Alfas del Pi

Aaron Colston, from Hazel Hines dance school, gave a short but beautiful performance.

Preparing a new ‘dance’ theme exhibition with bronze sculptures and drawings.













The inauguration will be the 23nd of February at the beautiful Casa de Cultura in Alfas del Pi

Exhibition PASSION! extended

Due to the interest and demand, the exhibition of Monique Neyzen with statues of bronze horses and nude drawings will remain open until January 11th 2019. You can visit the exhibition during Christmas week on 26, 27 and 28 December and in 2019 from January 2nd.
















Location: sala d’exposicions de la biblioteca “Els nostres mestres”, carrer Sant Josep 10-12, Finestrat (old town). Open: Monday – Friday 9:30 – 13:30 & 17:00 – 20:00. Artist will be present on Friday at 11 o’clock. Tour in English or other languages possible on request (send an e-mail to

In Costa Blanca Nachrichten

A new poem from Hervé Deleu

This time Hervé Deleu was inspired by Spirit.

Photo impression opening exposition PASSION! in Finestrat

sculptures of dynamic bronzes of horses and nude drawings

This exhibition I’ll show 20 horses in bronze both figurative and lightly abstract, and 30 drawings of nude models in different materials. I am an avid horse lover and have been riding horses for years. My passion for horses, especially the dynamics of horses, is what I try to capture in my bronze sculptures. “Everything is alive and moving, your horses seem to jump off their pedestals“, such reactions I often get on my bronzes.

I have also been drawing nude models for years, short poses of 1, 2 or 5 minutes as well as 20 minute poses. I can be fascinated by a beautiful line that I see in a model: an attitude, the position of the head, a light on the human body, that can be sò beautiful, I try to ‘capture’ that in my drawings. I work in different materials, like pencil, ink, pastel chalk, conté or a combination of them. I make quick sketches with a few lines and sometimes I make more elaborate drawings in pastel.

Opening: 22nd of November at 5 pm at sala d’exposicions de la bibliotheca ‘Els nostres mestres’, carrer Sant Josep 10 – 12, Finestrat old town. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm until December 20th 2018. On Friday I am present at 11 am and give guided tours in English, Dutch, German, French or Spanish. For instance on November 23rd an English tour takes place at 11 o’clock and December 7th in German. Please send me an email or call me if you want to participate. Other tours are possible on request.

Exhibition ‘Bronze in Motion’ extended till June 10th

Special tours

Monique Neyzen will tell you more about her inspiration and her art in a walk through the garden. She will explain some of her bronze statues, drawings, sculptured stones and the bronze casting process. Duration: ¾ – 1 hour depending on the number of visitors.

Special tours for groups in English, Dutch, German, French or Spanish available on request.

  • Dutch tour: Sunday April 29th at 12 am.
  • German tour: Sunday May 13th at 12 am.
  • English tour for Lions members: Sunday May 20th at 1 pm.
  • English tour for Norwegians: Sunday May 27th at 12 am.
  • Dutch “Bronze in Motion” tour: Sunday June 10th at 12 am.

If you want to participate, just send an e-mail to


‘Bronze in Motion’ dynamic sculptures of dancers and horses

NaamloosExhibition of Monique Neyzen in the beautiful garden of Fundación Klein-Schreuder: 8/4 – 20/5 ’18. Dancers and horses are her favorite subjects. The Dutch artist shows 35 small bronzes that capture the movement, ten sculptured stones and drawings of dancers.

More than ten years ago Jan Klein and Joke Schreuder bought a large plot of neglected land on the Costa Blanca in Spain. They transformed it with great love and care into a lovelyl botanical plant and sculpture garden with changing exhibitons. Walking trails lead through a palm grove, an orchard and rose garden.

  • Opening: April 8th at 11am, Cami del Pinar 23 in Alfaz del Pi (map).
  • Visits: until May 20th every Sunday 10 am – 2pm, weekdays by appointment only call (+34)966860230 or mail – entrance: 5 euro to maintain the garden.
  • Information: garden – about the artist:
  • Article Costa Levante news: New bronze age

‘Everything moves and has a soul of its own’