Exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi

Last guided tours: join me Sat 29th June 12:00 (English) or 11:00 (Dutch).
We ll walk a long the 20 exhibition sculptures (different in style & materials) and some of the permanent collection.

Just bring your sunglasses or hat, something to drink & enjoy!

Impression opening exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi april 7, 2019

Exhibition Twenty Year Sculpture Garden Klein-Schreuder in l’Alfas del Pi

a group exhibition predominantly with artists who have shown solo exhibitions in the garden earlier: Alejandro Cremades, Hanna Gerlind Glauner, Antonio Imbernón, Jan Keijsers, Antonio Marí, Salvador Molla, Monique Neyzen, Vicente Pérez Gonzálvez, Georgi Pouleriani and Quico Torres. For your diary: the festive inauguration with introductions by the contributing artists and with music, snacks and wine will take place on Sunday April 7 at 11 am. Everybody is welcome, the entry fee is the usual €5 p.p.









Hangin’ On


Last days of exhibition “Spirit of Dance” at l’Alfas del Pi

Impression of the opening of the exhibition “Espíritu de la Danza” in l’Alfas del Pi

Aaron Colston, from Hazel Hines dance school, gave a short but beautiful performance.

Preparing a new ‘dance’ theme exhibition with bronze sculptures and drawings.













The inauguration will be the 23nd of February at the beautiful Casa de Cultura in Alfas del Pi

Exhibition PASSION! extended

Due to the interest and demand, the exhibition of Monique Neyzen with statues of bronze horses and nude drawings will remain open until January 11th 2019. You can visit the exhibition during Christmas week on 26, 27 and 28 December and in 2019 from January 2nd.
















Location: sala d’exposicions de la biblioteca “Els nostres mestres”, carrer Sant Josep 10-12, Finestrat (old town). Open: Monday – Friday 9:30 – 13:30 & 17:00 – 20:00. Artist will be present on Friday at 11 o’clock. Tour in English or other languages possible on request (send an e-mail to Monique@Neyzen.nl).

In Costa Blanca Nachrichten

A new poem from Hervé Deleu

This time Hervé Deleu was inspired by Spirit.

Photo impression opening exposition PASSION! in Finestrat

sculptures of dynamic bronzes of horses and nude drawings

This exhibition I’ll show 20 horses in bronze both figurative and lightly abstract, and 30 drawings of nude models in different materials. I am an avid horse lover and have been riding horses for years. My passion for horses, especially the dynamics of horses, is what I try to capture in my bronze sculptures. “Everything is alive and moving, your horses seem to jump off their pedestals“, such reactions I often get on my bronzes.

I have also been drawing nude models for years, short poses of 1, 2 or 5 minutes as well as 20 minute poses. I can be fascinated by a beautiful line that I see in a model: an attitude, the position of the head, a light on the human body, that can be sò beautiful, I try to ‘capture’ that in my drawings. I work in different materials, like pencil, ink, pastel chalk, conté or a combination of them. I make quick sketches with a few lines and sometimes I make more elaborate drawings in pastel.

Opening: 22nd of November at 5 pm at sala d’exposicions de la bibliotheca ‘Els nostres mestres’, carrer Sant Josep 10 – 12, Finestrat old town. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm until December 20th 2018. On Friday I am present at 11 am and give guided tours in English, Dutch, German, French or Spanish. For instance on November 23rd an English tour takes place at 11 o’clock and December 7th in German. Please send me an email or call me if you want to participate. Other tours are possible on request.

Exhibition ‘Bronze in Motion’ extended till June 10th

Special tours

Monique Neyzen will tell you more about her inspiration and her art in a walk through the garden. She will explain some of her bronze statues, drawings, sculptured stones and the bronze casting process. Duration: ¾ – 1 hour depending on the number of visitors.

Special tours for groups in English, Dutch, German, French or Spanish available on request.

  • Dutch tour: Sunday April 29th at 12 am.
  • German tour: Sunday May 13th at 12 am.
  • English tour for Lions members: Sunday May 20th at 1 pm.
  • English tour for Norwegians: Sunday May 27th at 12 am.
  • Dutch “Bronze in Motion” tour: Sunday June 10th at 12 am.

If you want to participate, just send an e-mail to monique@neyzen.nl


‘Bronze in Motion’ dynamic sculptures of dancers and horses

NaamloosExhibition of Monique Neyzen in the beautiful garden of Fundación Klein-Schreuder: 8/4 – 20/5 ’18. Dancers and horses are her favorite subjects. The Dutch artist shows 35 small bronzes that capture the movement, ten sculptured stones and drawings of dancers.

More than ten years ago Jan Klein and Joke Schreuder bought a large plot of neglected land on the Costa Blanca in Spain. They transformed it with great love and care into a lovelyl botanical plant and sculpture garden with changing exhibitons. Walking trails lead through a palm grove, an orchard and rose garden.

  • Opening: April 8th at 11am, Cami del Pinar 23 in Alfaz del Pi (map).
  • Visits: until May 20th every Sunday 10 am – 2pm, weekdays by appointment only call (+34)966860230 or mail info@klein-schreuder.com – entrance: 5 euro to maintain the garden.
  • Information: garden www.klein-schreuder.com – about the artist: www.love4art.nl
  • Article Costa Levante news: New bronze age

‘Everything moves and has a soul of its own’